Vivify Education specialises in creating authentic and engaging professional learning focused on leadership and governance. While much of our work relates to working with international schools around the world, there are other non-profit and organisations that we work with, since the principles of leadership and governance are not restricted to schools! This website hosts our online courses and learning materials, but most of these are accessed only through specific portals or invitation. As a result, many of the courses may be custom or proprietary that are only accessible by the relevant organisations and as such you will not find a wide variety of courses to choose from at this stage.


We ensure that our training is highly relevant to your needs by focusing on authentic content and scenarios


We focus on providing professional learning experiences that have a long term impact


We believe that we can learn a great deal by modelling success

Exciting Development in the Pipeline

Underpinning our beliefs that professional learning should be Authentic, Impactful, Modelled and Succinct, we have been developing 3D animated training materials. We are creating custom training videos using cutting edge motion-capture technology to create scenarios for leadership and governance training.

So ask yourself about the different ways in which you can learn and the relative impact these have.  On the one hand, you can pick up a book and immerse yourself in the materials, whereas on the other, you may find it more relevant to listen or watch someone explain the material to you.  We’ve found that to decode the written word and create meaning from texts can be tiring and takes a significant focus.  However, with video content, your brain no longer has to use energy to decode the language, but you tap into the deeply entrenched story-telling aspects of the brain that have been part of our history for thousands of years.  Where video material provides us insight and opportunities to reflect while taking less energy to learn, modelling can take this to a whole new level.

Imagine – you can read a book on leadership and, for example,  how to go about a “difficult” conversation with someone.  But we’re taking this to the next level, by creating videos which precisely model these types of meetings.  The same logic applies to governance training – where we are currently creating videos of various scenarios, whether interactions in board meetings or case-study conversations.  The idea is that by providing these scenarios, and remember that “a picture is worth a thousand words” we can stimulate thinking and conversations in much more engaging and impactful ways that reading a book (or not reading a book which is more likely these days!)

Board Essentials Online Training

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The Board Essentials series of over 40 videos provides boards of international schools with an overview and deep-dive sessions to provide insight and perspectives that helps prepare board members or trustees for their work on the board.  To access a selection of free introductory materials that give a flavour of the materials, pace and style, simply click on the link below to enrol. 

Governance as Leadership

Governance is a form of leadership within international schools and during these Covid-challenged times, the leadership of international schools is, of course, crucially important.  But exactly what leadership role does the board play and how is it different to the Head of School?