Access free board training videos for trustees of international schools. These videos are designed to add perspective to your work on the board by providing oversight of the role of the board and deeper-dive sessions to better understand some of the more complex areas of governance.

What are the governance issues and how can you be more effective?

Schools are complex organisations at the best of times and with the additional stress caused by Covid19, many boards and school heads are feeling battered by the constant challenges. This recorded webinar provides board members with an opportunity to reflect on their different modes of governance while building an appreciation of the leadership aspects provided by the board.  

This webinar explores the leadership function of all trustees, within the management of the board itself and also with the Head of School and wider community.

What have other people said?

A couple of snippets from other people to help add perspective for you….


Head Teacher

It is extremely useful and really paints a clear picture of a Board’s responsibilities, regardless of the specific circumstances that a school might find itself in. What I particularly liked was the way you repeatedly outlined the clarity of purpose that a Board needs to hold, focusing on the Vision and Mission of the school, leaving the organisational aspects to the school leaders and management.

With your reflection questions at the end, I started to see how and where I can work harder in improving my contribution to the board - which is the purpose of these videos - so again, thank you!


Board Member

Nik Bishop - Director

Nik Bishop has over thirty years of international education experience, and more than twenty years of leading international schools in the Middle East, Asia, China and Africa. With experience of IB and British curriculum schools, proprietary and non-profit, and his own service on boards of large educational organisations such as AISA, FOBISSEA, NEASC Commission on International Education and the IB Heads' Council, he taps into his wealth of experience to provide insights and reflections to help your work on the board. 

Board Training for International Schools - Designed for You!

Professional Learning Made Easier

There are many fantastic books about board governance… but how many of them go unread?  Reading books on governance can be heavy going, and not always relevant to international schools.  But without the opportunities for new and experienced board members to gain new insights and theoretical perspectives, board members can easily make mistakes that shake the foundations of a good school.   


All Onboard

Insights and reflections that engage all the board members rather than just one or two that "attended the seminar..."


Your Pace and Place

Online access allows professional learning on your own terms to suit your schedule. No flights or meetings to organise.


Board Turnover

Bring new board members quickly up to speed with their duties and roles without the burden of creating additional meetings.



Ongoing professional learning for board members doesn't have to include expensive flights, day rates and all the risks and restrictions associated with Covid19.

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