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The full-day and half-day training for boards of international schools is ideal for setting the foundations for effective board work and gaining insights into the dynamics within your own board. These board training sessions use Zoom for presentations and utilise break out zoom rooms for focused discussions to ensure all board members are engaged. The half-day option provides a broad overview of the roles and responsibilities of the board and would be useful for new boards or as a preliminary step before other board development work. The full-day training allows for more insights to be explored and to begin to develop strategies for more effective board work.

What's Involved?

The benefits of engaging all board members in this type of training rather than, or in addition to, the Board Essentials online series, is the opportunity for interactions and discussions. Generally it is through these discussions that ideas are shared among the board that lead to agreement and strategies that emerge and therefore create the driver for the next phase of board development. The full-day and half-day training allows more opportunities for discussion, reflection and identifying ways in which the board can move forward with purpose.

What Impact Has This Training Had?

Below are a selection of comments from board members who have participated in the board training sessions.  

I now understand that the border between the board and head can be quite fine but it is there for the smooth running of the school.

We have just had board training with you and I felt the content of your video was very closely aligned with what we learned during the workshop. Because of this I am going to suggest that the board watch it again as a way of re-establishing some of the principles we learned during the day.

I now understand that the board needs to speak with one voice despite any internal differences they may have

Nik Bishop - Director

Nik Bishop has over thirty years of international education experience, and more than twenty years of leading international schools in the Middle East, Asia, China and Africa. With experience of IB and British curriculum schools, proprietary and non-profit, and his own service on boards of large educational organisations such as AISA, FOBISSEA, NEASC Commission on International Education and the IB Heads' Council, he taps into his wealth of experience to provide insights and reflections to help your work on the board. 

Board Training for International Schools - Designed for You!

Online Full Day Board Training

There are many fantastic books about board governance… but how many of them go unread?  Reading books on governance can be heavy going, and not always relevant to international schools.  The half-day training provides board members with an opportunity to focus on their own professional development and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow members that helps to focus and galvanise the board.  A half-day training would not be feasible face to face as the travel costs and logistics would be prohibitive, but with the Covid19 constraints pushing everyone to re-think online training, this provides busy boards with the perfect opportunity to take stock of their journey towards being a highly effective board.   



The half-day training will be arranged at a mutually agreed time to maximise board attendance.



When scheduling a traditional face to face training, there are more logistics to worry about. Hosting an online sessions adds flexibility if you are working from home.


Zoom Power

We are all used to Zoom meetings these days, although not always the features of the Zoom-Rooms which we use for smaller collaborative group work in addition to the board sessions.


Cost Effective

Online board training removes all the expenses of flights, accommodation and meals and all the necessary stress of Covid compliant gatherings and testing.

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