Free Board Training for International Schools

Introducing the Board Essentials video series of ongoing professional development for board members.  During these challenging times which are stretching schools, and with COVID19 travel restrictions, there has never been a better time to tap in to online training.

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Board Essentials Video Series

The Board Essentials series features over 40 videos for boards of international schools that cover both the breadth of issues with deep-drive sessions to better appreciate the complexities and sensitive issues.

In this free course, you have access to a selection of half a dozen videos to give you a flavour of just how easy it is to consume content without the hard work of concentrating on reading books on governance.

Enhance your understanding of the important work of the board

There are fantastic books on board governance… but how many do you have the time and energy to actually read? Our focus is to make the content relevant and thought provoking so that you reflect deeply on your role and work on the board, and thus actually make an impact.  


Easier than decoding language of complex (and boring?) books​


Video content is aimed specifically at boards of international schools


Being able to access professional learning to enhance your work on the board, at your own pace and when it suits you


Professional learning is easy, meaning you can learn more, thus have a greater impact in your work on the board

Pragmatic blend of research with 20 years' experience of leading international schools in Asia, China, Africa and the Middle East

The Board Essentials Series is brought to you by Nik Bishop who has built his career in international education.  Having authored several books focused on education, he understands all too well that today’s world is very different to the past and how difficult it can be to focus on reading educational literature.  Nik’s passion is the nexus between education and technology, particularly tapping in to the ways in which learning can be made easier and more engaging through video.  And if learning about boards can be easier and engaging, then that leads to boards being more effective and impactful.

Nik Bishop, Director

Nik has been leading IB and British curriculum international schools in Asia, China, Middle East and Africa for over twenty years. Nik has also served on numerous boards of large educational organisations such as AISA, FOBISSEA, NEASC Commission and the IB Heads’ Council, and as such brings a wealth of insight and practical strategies to help boards (and school leaders) better appreciate their roles and responsibilities.