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Leading international schools in challenging times

A 40-minute webinar for boards of international schools that explores the complexities, duties and relationships related to governance during these challenging times.

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Themes covered in this webinar

The past year has been stressful for the leadership and boards of many international schools around the world, as they seem to be continually fighting the fires created by the Covid-19 pandemic.  While the initial panic of flipping classrooms to create online learning environments has subsided, most are still dealing with high levels of stress and uncertainty.  There are multiple pressure points for the leadership, particularly around the complexities of creating covid-safe learning environments for physical classes, while being ever watchful of the need to flip the switch to distance learning. And for many boards, there are the stresses caused by anxiety and tension in the community and financial uncertainty as enrolments fluctuate. 

Emerging models of Governance as Leadership

An overview of the different modes of governance, largely driven by the work of Dr Chait and Dr Ryan.  Their research looked at what made for effective boards and how to increase engagement and commitment by trustees.  Obviously this is a great starting point for understanding the implications within international schools and the work of their boards. 

How the current challenges are affecting boards

Serving on the board can be a challenge at the best of times, and during these exceptional times even more so.  Stress, uncertainty and complexity often change the ways boards are operating and this webinar covers some of the aspects to watch out for, so that the board can stay focused on the mission.

Leadership strategies for boards

Having set the scene of governance as leadership, the webinar explores in more detail the different aspects of leadership that are considerations for boards and governance.  The webinar goes on to explore in more detail the duty of the board to support, nurture and challenge the Head of School, and what that really means during these exceptionally challenging times.

What are the objectives of the webinar?

The main objective for the webinar is to provide insight to boards of international schools.  Through exploring some emerging common issues faced by international schools, board members can gain insight into their roles and responsibilities, and to add a sense of perspective to their work.  The webinar is a blend of information that is specific to boards of international schools and asks reflective questions to help board members put their efforts into perspective and therefore to stimulate new strategies for effective board work moving forward. 

Nik Bishop - Director

Nik Bishop has over thirty years of international education experience, and more than twenty years of leading international schools in the Middle East, Asia, China and Africa. With experience of IB and British curriculum schools, proprietary and non-profit, and his own service on boards of large educational organisations such as AISA, FOBISSEA, NEASC Commission on International Education and the IB Heads' Council, he taps into his wealth of experience to provide insights and reflections to help your work on the board. 

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