Group Administration Help

When you create an order for a group, such as the Board Essentials series for the whole board, then the person who signed up and processed the order will by default be assigned as the administrator for the group.  If you want to change this, then please contact us and provide the name and email of the person you want to be managing the group’s access.  

The group administrator’s roles is easy enough – simply create new accounts for each of your group’s members, and if people leave, then you can delete them.

By default, the person who signs up for the group becomes the group administrator, but would not automatically have access to the course.  You would have to add yourself to the course to access it.  For example, it may be the accountant that is responsible for processing the order and therefore the accountant would be the default group administrator, but would not require access to the course itself.  

When you log in to your account as the group administrator, you will see an additional menu item in the top right corder “Group Admin.”  This is not visible to normal users, only to the group administrator.

When you click on the Group Admin page, you will see the top section shows the course details that you have registered for, and the bottom section is where you administer the names of the relevant people on that course.  

Simply click on the Enroll New User tab then add the name and email address of the users.  

Remember that your name will not be automatically enrolled, and as the group administrator you also need access to the course, then you would need to add your name and email here as well.

There is a spreadsheet upload feature, but to be honest, for small groups you could probably type the names and emails as fast as you would into a spreadsheet – but you can choose!

You will see the list of users and can send them a “re-invite” link if necessary or remove them from the group (as people come and go in the group or staff change).

Notice in the right of the green section that shows the course, you can see how many user registrations are left.  In this example, there were 15 registrations to start with and with John Smith enrolled, this leaves 14.


If you prefer, you can set a Group Registration Code.  

Click on the Group Code tab and then Create Group Code.

Give your group a name.  Keep it simple or memorable for your group as it will reduce the chance of typing errors as people enter the code. 

Set the dates and press submit.

Now simple let your group members know to visit the following link:

Group Registration

And they can register themselves (they add their name and email), using the group code you provided.

Remember to toggle to turn on the new group that you have created.  If you don’t turn this on, then the code is not active and the users will not be able to create their account using the code you gave them.

If you want to disable the group code, simply turn the toggle to off again.