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Leading an international school, whether as the Head of School or the role played by the Chair of the Board, can be challenging and with limited avenues of support. These crucial leadership positions both require an outward facing strength, and it's exceptionally hard to find people in the community that you can confide in or who can really relate to the complexities involved.

How Does it Work? 

A mentoring package is a bit like a lawyer on retainer in that you have access to support at times when you need it most.  Of course we would need to arrange a suitable time, but that’s easily done via email or WhatsApp.  

The wellbeing of the leadership within an international school is a big deal.  If the Head and/or Chair is not able to operate at full capacity, what consequences might there be for the school?  And during stressful times such as these, the school leadership can easily sink under the pressure and with no one in the community that can really help.  The Head and/or Chair is unable to confide in other people in the community for fear of the consequences and so has very few opportunities to bounce ideas off someone else that may have the insight to understand the complexities involved.

Of course a relationship is built over time, but a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step in the right direction…

Thank you, Nik, for being my mentor this year, for believing in me, for letting me discover my own leadership style. You gave me wings to fly and I appreciated this freedom every single day. 

Nik Bishop - Director

Nik Bishop has over thirty years of international education experience, and more than twenty years of leading international schools in the Middle East, Asia, China and Africa. With experience of IB and British curriculum schools, proprietary and non-profit, and his own service on boards of large educational organisations such as AISA, FOBISSEA, NEASC Commission on International Education and the IB Heads' Council, he taps into his wealth of experience to provide insights and reflections to help your work on the board. 

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