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Effective boards of international schools are the result of careful thought and continuous development

A board is not likely to spontaneously be effective.  On the contrary, with potentially high turnover of board members and often opposing dynamics on the board, especially during these stressful COVID19 times, it’s very easy for board to fall into making common mistakes that create tension and actually disrupt the smooth running of the school. 

Don’t fall into the trap of complacency, but rather recognise the opportunity for all board members to put their roles and responsibilities into perspective and therefore to reflect more deeply on what makes for an effective school board. 

Get everyone onboard!

If boards are to be effective, then all board members need to have the same opportunities and insights.  The Board Essentials series provides over 40 videos that provide both overviews and deep-dives into specific areas of governance of international schools.  These courses are not available individually but only as bundles of seats that are suitable for the whole board. 

Includes specialised sessions for Board or Committee Chairs

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Comprehensive Content

Principles of effective governance which blend research and good practice

Deep Dives

Deep-dive sessions to help you learn and reflect about effective boards

New Board Members?

Get new board members up to speed quickly with access to training


Reflections and strategies to get you thinking deeply about your own board

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Identify your own admin to manage who has access to the course


Significantly lower training costs without the flights and scheduling problems

Get everyone onboard!

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Pricing bundles dependent on the size of your board.

What's included?

Why an annual subscription?

Typically international schools have some steady turnover of board members.  The Board Essentials series ensures that you can access relevant training materials for your board to help new trustees get up to speed with an overview of the roles and responsibilities while others may be taking deeper dive sessions to promote reflection and development. 

New materials are being developed and case studies and modelled meetings are currently in the pipeline.  These exciting additions will allow board members to see perspectives and situations in a whole new light.

Learn from Experience

Nik Bishop started teaching internationally back in the 80s and has over 20 years’ experience of leading international schools in Asia, China, Africa and the Middle East.  Having worked with non-profit and proprietary schools and also serving on boards of large educational organisations including AISA, FOBISSEA, the NEASC Commission and the IB Heads’ Council, he has a wealth of experience to blend with research to create relevant, pragmatic approaches to effective boards. 

Nik Bishop


All onboard

Insights and reflections that engage all the board members rather than just one or two that “attended the seminar…”

Your pace... your place

Online access allows professional learning on your own terms to suit your schedule. No flights or meetings to organise.

Covid19 care

Ongoing professional learning for board members doesn’t have to include expensive flights, day rates and all the risks and restrictions associated with Covid19.

Typically the Head of School, Chair or administrator signs up to create a school account.  Payment can be made using PayPal for instant access although bank transfer payments are more common.  On placing your order an invoice is sent so that you may process the bank transfer. Once funds are reconciled then full access is granted to the school designated administrator to distribute access codes to the relevant board members. 

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